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neopen MED

Rejuvenates and repairs the skin.

Neopenmed achieves great results thanks to its ease of use and the application of the mesosynergy® concept, using this synergy and the combination of treatments, we manage to stimulate the skin from the epidermis to the dermis. 


  • More treatments can be performed daily.
  • Faster visible results.
  • Safe to use: ISO13485 standard and CE marking as a medical device.
  • + reliable: German engineering gives the team greater technological assurance.
  • + precise: It was suggested and was less stressful for the paicnete.
  • + silencioso: Se consigue una sensación de menor estrés para el paciente.
  • + ergonomic.
  • + 900 drillings per second.
  • Its lightweight design provides the professional with greater comfort of use.
6 needles
900 channels per second.
1500 revolutions