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Quality policy

The General Management of Toskani, SL defines as its main activity the design, manufacture and distribution of cosmetic products, aesthetic products and food supplements and the import and distribution of medical devices and aesthetic equipment, to provide professionals in the aesthetic channel and medical, the most effective, safe and quality products and treatments for skin care offering 360º solutions and providing its customers and consumers with the necessary training and knowledge, always complying with the applicable legal and regulatory requirements, contributing to the improvement of the health and well-being of society.

The main objective of Toskani, SL is to be a solid, profitable and competitive company in its sector, with an agile adaptation to change, increasing response capacity, technical competence, creativity and constant innovation, and promoting environmental respect, continuous improvement of the organization’s processes, guaranteeing the safety of all company members and effectively improving the conditions in which work activities are carried out.

Toskani’s vision is to be a benchmark in the transdermal mesotherapy market, to enter the medical channel through specific products under the TOSKANIMED brand and to achieve the strategic position of Local Leader. Finally, to consolidate itself in the prestigious and volume international markets by developing a specific distribution network for each channel, aesthetic and medical, aligned with the TOSKANI strategy.

In addition, Toskani actively collaborates with its distribution channels to know and understand the markets in which it is present, maintaining a relationship and attitude of maximum trust and transparency with its distributors, to achieve the common goal of growth.

The General Management assumes the maximum responsibility of defining, implementing, disseminating, maintaining and reviewing an Integrated Quality Management Policy in order to satisfy said objective.

As a consequence of the above, and promoting the values of the organization (Quality and innovation, honesty, integrity and transparency, vocation of service and Excellence, and respect for employees), Toskani, SL’s Integrated Quality Management Policy is based in the following principles according to the values of the organization:

  • The client is the essential element and reason for being of our company; Identifying and knowing his needs is fundamental for us. Therefore, all the activities carried out must be conceived and carried out with a view to achieving this objective.
  • Satisfaction of current legal and regulatory requirements and others, to which Toskani, SL voluntarily subscribes, in matters of quality, environment and occupational safety.
  • Quality is everyone’s task and responsibility. Therefore, it requires collaboration at all levels; information, communication and training for all members of the organization are essential.
  • The achievement of corporate objectives, as well as the goals associated with those objectives.
  • The commitment to offer quality, innovative, safe and effective products and services.
  • The commitment to achieve a high level of safety and health at work, incorporating prevention into all company activities.
  • Respect and protection of the environment, through the prevention and reduction of environmental impacts.
  • The detection of opportunities for improvement in all the processes of the organization, through periodic reviews of the Integrated Quality Management System that guarantee its permanent adaptation and suitability to the demands of an increasingly competitive market and an environment in constant evolution.
  • The contribution of our suppliers and collaborators to the achievement of our objectives.
  • Our Quality is measured, not only in meeting the specifications and requirements but also in exceeding the expectations of our Clients, in each and every one of the aspects of our business. Reaching this goal assures us leadership on our path to excellence.

With this Integrated Quality Management Policy, the General Management of Toskani, SL establishes a frame of reference to define objectives and goals with which to continuously improve the quality of products and services, the environmental environment, occupational safety, and the effectiveness of the Integrated Quality Management System (SIGC).

The General Directorate of Toskani, SL is committed to ensuring that the IACS complies with the applicable requirements of the UNE-EN-ISO 9001, UNE-EN-ISO 22716 and UNE-EN-ISO 13485, and to take the necessary decisions to guarantee the continuous improvement of its effectiveness.

The SIGC is structured and adapted to the specific activity of Toskani, SL: design, manufacture and distribution of cosmetic products, aesthetic products and food supplements and the import and distribution of medical devices and aesthetic equipment and training services related to its products.

The General Management assumes these commitments and urges all the members of Toskani, SL to comply with this policy and carry out their work so that the improvement objectives established in accordance with it can be achieved.

The current globalization of the markets, as well as the presence of Toskani, SL at an international level, pushes all the members of the organization to act with the same philosophy and the same level of commitment at an international and national level.