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Skin Architect mask

Comprehensive-action biocellulose mask that fits perfectly to the facial contours. Infused with an anti-ageing serum, it improves skin quality thanks to its triple action



Repairs skin damage due to medical-aesthetic procedures thanks to Sophora japonica extract.

Rejuvenates and boosts skin elasticity.

Redensifies thanks to high-purity hyaluronic acid.


  • Rose hydrolate: Damask rose water provides firming and antioxidant properties, reverses the signs of ageing and the appearance of wrinkle
  • HMW Hialuronic acid: High molecular weight hyaluronic acid provides lubricating, film-forming and hydrating properties.
  • Resistress: Improves endogenous antioxidant defence systems of the skin and dermis.
  • Humectantes: Combination of humectant ingredients that stimulate skin hydration, forming a moisture-retaining film
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